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Over Winterswijk Marketing

Foundation Winterswijk Marketing is active in the marketing, communication and information field. The foundation plays an important role in profiling Winterswijk as a tourist destination and its main goal is to improve the image and brand awareness of Winterswijk. Winterswijk Marketing allows visitors, (potential) companies and residents to experience how attractive Winterswijk is as a place of residence, a work place and as a tourist destination. The foundation is the main point of contact for all parties who want to put Winterswijk on the map in a positive way. Winterswijk Marketing unites people with ideas, because together you can achieve more. The foundation also researches ways to improve activities through cooperation outside the borders, both municipal and national. Winterswijk Marketing contributes to a lively Winterswijk where you want to belong! VVV Winterswijk is part of Winterswijk Marketing. 

Activities Winterswijk Marketing
The main activities are:

  • setting up of marketing campaigns
  • promoting (business) tourism
  • further development of offline and online promotional tools
  • informing visitors via VVV Winterswijk
  • generating of (free) publicity for Winterswijk
  • initiating and supervising press visits

Winterswijk Marketing consists of a platform, daily management and an executive agency, of which VVV tourist office Winterswijk is part. Stichting bevordering Toerisme Winterswijk (STW), Ondernemerskring Winterswijk (OWIN), shopkeepers association ABH City/OFCW, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland branch Winterswijk (KHN), Ondernemers Buitengebied Winterswijk (OBW) and the municipality of Winterswijk are participants of the platform. The executive board consists of a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary. Policy advisor Economics advises the executive board. There is a coordinator of the executive office and a VVV branch manager. The executive office also consists of a part-time administrative employee, a volunteer coordinator and a large group of indispensable volunteers who work with unbridled energy. 

Do you have any ideas for putting Winterswijk on the map? Feel free to contact the general coordinator: (0543) 745 092 of info@100procentwinterswijk.nl
For a visit to Winterswijk, routes or other touristic questions you can contact VVV Winterswijk.

Visiting and postal address
Stichting Winterswijk Marketing
Mevrouw Kuipers-Rietbergplein 1
7101 DD Winterswijk