Free Parking in Winterswijk

A visit to Winterswijk is extra attractive because you can park your car anywhere for free. There are over 1,300 parking spaces with a maximum walking distance of 7 minutes to the village centre. The parking route is clearly signposted.

Parking disc

For some car parks (Markt, Koostegge plein/Spoorstraat and part of the Wheme) a parking disc is required. You may park here for a maximum of two hours.


Below you will find an overview of the available parking spaces. Click on the location and Google Maps will show you the free parking spaces.

De Storm • PeperbusRavenhorsterwegWeeninkpad • Weverstraat • Parallelweg 

Markt - parking disc (not available on Wednesday mornings and Saturdays)

Wheme - parking disc (partly)

Koostegge plein / Spoorstraat-  parking disc, maximum 2 hours parking