National Landscape Winterswijk

Where in the Netherlands is it dark enough to see the starry sky?

Relax and enjoy the pure life of National Landscape Winterswijk. A beautiful designation for this unique area of 22,000 hectares including parts of the villages Aalten, Berkelland and Oost Gelre. In the past, the owners of monumental farms with their tenants and servants have left a great mark on the creation of this area. Wooded banks, brooks, elevated arable land, mills, forests and farmlands were set up and maintained by them. The result is a varied bocage with a number of nature reserves with rare animals and plants. One of the most beautiful in the Netherlands!

The attractive combination of brooks and bogs makes this authentic environment a pleasure to work in.

Evert Kok, manager of Natuurmonumenten Montferland-Winterswijk