Winterswijk from the saddle

for riders and coachmen

Winterswijk is a real equestrian village. In addition to internationally recognised top breeders and professional riders, there are also many horse lovers who are engaged in equestrian sports. The traffic-free environment is ideal for horseback riding. 

Rider and horse are very welcome in various accommodations. The National Landscape is the perfect operating base with lots of greenery, plenty of space, countless dirt roads and riding tracks. The new equestrian junction system, launched in 2019, also offers the opportunity to choose your own ideal route. This offers a lot of convenience and 100% guarantee for a beautiful, carefree day.

Winterswijk is a true eldorado for riders, coachmen and horse lovers with spectacular events such as the annual drag hunt, the four-day horse event, various marathons, field rides and carriage driving all year round.