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All highlights & hotspots of Winterswijk

Wondering what to do and see in Winterswijk? The village has loads of places worth seeing. Visit a museum, be enchanted by nature, discover the stone quarry or browse the market. And much more. Discover all highlights & hotspots of the versatile village of Winterswijk. Explore by bike or on foot and be surprised.

Take a look at the more than 300 listed buildings and local monuments in the cosy centre and the beautiful, exceptionally small-scale outskirts, which have been designated as National Landscape. The staff of the VVV tourist office Winterswijk warmly recommend the following selection. An overview of all to-do's and must-sees.

"During the week a beautiful and cozy village, on Saturday the allure of a city and throughout the year a beautiful scenery, that's Winterswijk for me!”